Bergen - Flåm - Lom - Trondheim

Bergen – Flåm – Lom – Hjelledalen – Dalsnibba – Geiranger – Trollveggen – Atlantic Ocean Road – Trondheim

This trip should take about 5 days

The trip is about 1000km

  1. The Atlantic Ocean Road! A unique stretch of road which takes you right out to the ocean’s edge. This road is known to be the world’s most beautiful drive. 
  2. Trollstigen, this road is about 20 km long cutting through Norway’s rugged mountains. Most spectacular are the 11 hairpin bends as the road winds up the mountain.
  3. Geirangerfjord. This fjord is called Norway’s most beautiful fjord. Not for nothing it is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
  4. The Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Syv Søstrene, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in Norway. The 410-metre tall waterfall consists of seven separate streams.
  5. Take the Bjorgavegen (it is called the snow road) from Flåm to Laerdaelsori.
  6. Take road 15 (oldest road in Norway) from Lom to Hjelledalen.

Hotel Fretheim in Flåm (

Cabins Hjelledalen Hyttesenter (

Scandic Seilet in Molde (

This route departs from Authorized H-D Dealer Bergen in Nyborg. Contact the dealer for more information and to book a Rental bike. Contact details below.


My name is Gideon Schipaanboord (45), I am from the Netherlands and I went on this bucket list trip in September 2021. I rode for 4 days between Bergen and Trondheim, and it was approximately 1000 km.

My top 5 points of interest on the road: 

  1. Old town of Bergen 
  2. Jotunheimen National Parc
  3. Geiranger 
  4. Trollveggen 
  5. Atlantic Ocean Road


My top 5 highlights:

  1. Take the Bjorgavegen (snow road) from Flam to Laerdaelsori
  2. Take a coffee in the Jotunheimen National park near Lom 
  3. Enjoy the views on Geiranger from Dallsnibba 
  4. Go summer skiing and stay the night in Hjelledalen. 
  5. Take the 15 (oldest road) from Lom to Hjelledalen


“I love to travel and the contrast of going to these harsh remote environments and exploring that, I am sure that it doesn’t get any better than this. It truly is beautiful and epic and mystical. The surreal landscapes from the Nordics really drew me in. It feels like riding on the moon or something like that. It’s real raw and just getting to see this side of God’s creation is super rad. Every corner is a post card.” 

My best memory is still the routes that were not the most well-known or cleared out very well. The snow road, the road through the National Parc and the oldest road. Can I please go back? 


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