Trondheim - county road FV 17 - Lofoten

Trondheim, Atlantic Road, Trondheim, Grong, Bodø, Lofoten, Ballangen

This trip should take about 7 days

The trip is about 1800 km

  1. Visit Vega: Vega is an island in Nordland county, Norway. The 108 m2 island is the largest island in the 6,500 islands in the Vegaøyan archipelago, all of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Take some time to visit the towns of Bodø & Forvik, they are worth the visit.
  3. Svartisen glacier: Svartisen is the second largest of Norway’s glaciers and lies next to the stunning Holandsfjorden (Holands Fjord) in Northern Norway. You can take a shuttle boat to go near.
  4. The Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Syv Søstrene, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in Norway. The 410-metre tall waterfall consists of seven separate streams.
  5. Spend some extra days on the beautiful islands of Lofoten where you will end this journey.
  6. The E6 between Skogn and Grong was an absolute delight to ride. Whenever you think it can’t get any more beautiful, there’s the next magnificent vista, cute little wooden house, or icy fjord to admire.

Scandic Rock City Hotel in Namsos (

Forvik handelstedet (

Vega Havhotell on the Vega island (

Sveggvika Guesthouse in Averøy (

(Sveggvika Guesthouse in Averøy is situated in a small, restored haberdine factory from about 1900, right on the oceanfront. The views at sundown and sunrise are indescribable)

Storjord Hotel in Storjord (

(Storjord Hotel in Storjord is a cute little hotel where nothing has changed in the past 75 years. Ask the owner about the WWII-history of the hotel: a fascinating story! (And if your’re lucky, Mother Nature will top off your stay with the Northern Lights)

Hattvika Lodge in Ballstad (

This route departs from Authorized H-D Dealer Midt-Norge in Tiller, near Trondheim. Contact the dealer for more information and to book a Rental bike. Contact details below.


I am Ralph Edelstein, an avid biker and bike reporter from Amsterdam. In September 2023 me and my girlfriend Esther flew to Trondheim and picked up a Sportster 883 and a Pan America 1250 at Harley-Davidson Midt-Norge. After the Dealer-Principal Stig made sure we had everything we needed, we took off on a 7-day, 1.800 km ride North, all the way up to Ballangen. 

Our top 5 points of interest on the road:

  1. Lofoten islands
  2. A6 between Skogn and Grong
  3. Viking Museum (Borg)
  4. The Atlantic Road
  5. Road from Trondheim to Kristiansund (or v.v.)


Our top 5 highlights

  1. The incredible phenomenon of Aurora Borealis (Northern Light)!!!
  2. The ever-changing landscapes along this beautiful 1.800 km trip
  3. The Atlantic Road (we rode it up and down at least 7 times)
  4. Okstindan National Park
  5. Ranfjorden


Without any reservations, we dare say that Norway is the most beautiful country we have ever rode a motorbike. The landscape keeps changing: one moment you feel like you are riding through Canada or Alaska, the next moment it is Scandinavia through and through and a little later you think you have ended up on Mars.

It was a unique experience to ride far above the Arctic Circle. And when we stayed at the picturesque Hotel Storjord in the village of the same name and saw an amazing display of the Northern Lights there, the trip was complete. And then the Lofoten Islands still had to come!

The Lofoten Islands are everything you expect them to be. In the traditional fishing villages time has stood still and you see unimaginable beauty everywhere you look. Finding accommodation in high season can be difficult, and the central road (E10) can be quite busy, so we recommend avoiding high season. That said: Norway is an absolute must for every self-respecting biker!


We understand that exploring the high north on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is truly a bucketlist item. Therefore, we offer you a complete Bucket List Package to give you the souvenir an epic trip like this deserves! Book your Rental bike and the dealer of your choice will provide you with some extras, free of charge. 


  • 1 Rental Harley-Davidson* 
  • 1 Suggested local route and local tips
  • 1 GPX file of this route
  • 1 Travel notebook
  • 1 Exclusive H-D Bucketlist pin


*Starting from EU 255 p/d. You can find all prices and additional information on the website of the dealer of your choice. 


The Authorized rental dealers are warm-hearted H-D riders themselves and they understand the kicks an adventure like this provides. That is why they’ll go to great lengths to get you going.

These are some of the additional services they offer:

  • Riding gear rental
  • Delivery or pick-up service (hotel and/or airport)
  • One-way service (return transport of bike)
  • GPX upload in bike navigation


Please discuss your requirements for any extra services with the local dealer of your choice.


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